Sales of bitumen

The group of companies Oil Resources is engaged in the supply of oil products in a wide range. Wholesale of bitumen, including the most popular brand BND 60/90, belongs to one of the main activities of the enterprise. This material is used as an astringent component in the construction of highways, as well as covering the runways and taxiways at the aerodromes.

We offer high-quality products directly from refinery manufacturers located in Moscow and in Safonovo, Smolensk region. Our company delivers bitumen using special transport from the company's fleet of vehicles. The material is manufactured in accordance with the technical conditions stipulated in GOST 22245-90 and has the following characteristics:

  • Softening temperatures - 52 ° C (at a standard of 47 ° C).
  • The depth of penetration of the needle is not more than 71 mm (according to GOST from 61 to 90 mm).
  • The flash point when heated outdoors is 278 ° C (at an acceptable value of 230 ° C).
  • Penetration index +0.1 (according to the standard from -0.1 to +1.0).
  • The construction bitumen offered by our company, the price per ton is average for the market, in many respects significantly exceeds the established requirements. With documents confirming the quality of products can be found on our website

    Deliveries of bitumen from the manufacturer

    Oil Resources sells these materials on favorable terms. We can buy inexpensive bitumen in bulk for one-time applications or arrange regular deliveries on an agreed schedule. You can get advice on terms of cooperation and financial matters directly on the website, by phone or by personal visit to the office.

    Our company is ready to become your reliable partner, we offer to buy bitumen oil road at a bargain price and with delivery to the address you specified. We have extensive experience in the organization of supplying our customers with products of oil processing and guarantee compliance with contractual terms, volumes and the proper quality of materials.

    Oil Resources

    The Oil Resources is one of the largest trading company, reliable and proven supplier of fuel and lubricants in the Azerbaijan market and abroad. We offer an expanded list of services for the extraction, processing, delivery, transshipment of oil products

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