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At Oil Resources, we offer a wide range of fuel oil. Shedding some light on the matter, we must be aware that almost all the oil-fired boilers as well as cookers are fueled by Kerosene. But some of them need Gas oil.

If it is for domestic heating and hot water, then home heating oil is a potential option. But in this, the option for main gas is not available.

The bulk orders are delivered by road tankers. The readings of the tanker pumps are taken before and after the delivery of the order.

But before you opt for the heating oil, sneak a peek into its benefits. The heating oil is also broadly called as UN 1223 or 28-second kerosene and is brought out from the oil refineries. It is produced after the crude oil is distilled at a higher temperature. The oil that is brought out with the help of this refining process, flows without any difficulty, has high calorific value, and low in Sulphur content. If it is for the commercial use, then we are here to provide you the Ultra-low Sulphur diesel (ULSD). It is best when it comes to define the road diesel fuel with the lowered Sulphur contents. What makes us a jack-of-all-trades is that we are into agricultural gas oil as well. We are often called as the red diesel supplier. We sell the red diesels to the farmers, for agricultural and industrial use. The other names for it are road diesel, tractor diesel, 35 second oil, farm diesel, and cherry diesel. The benefit you get while getting this fuel oil from us is that the red diesel carries less tax levy as compared to the un-dyed diesel fuel that are used in the usual road vehicles.

Our fuel oil trading team combines global presence, market knowledge and efficient logistics to connect producers and end-users.

Our teams deploy interlocking skills. Origination teams develop relationships with power generators and bunker fuel traders. Traders monitor macro-economic and market-led patterns and trends. Analysts assess potential blending strategies.

We optimise flows and blends to reflect changing patterns of demand. We focus on aligning our blends with specific pockets of demand. Regulatory changes are driving a general move towards low-sulphur grades. We are increasing the low-sulphur portion of our portfolio in line with global trends.

Oil Resources

The Oil Resources is one of the largest trading company, reliable and proven supplier of fuel and lubricants in the Azerbaijan market and abroad. We offer an expanded list of services for the extraction, processing, delivery, transshipment of oil products

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