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Gasoline fuel is a product of oil refining and is a combustible mixture of light hydrocarbons with low detonation characteristics. There are several technologies for its production: alkylation, hydrocracking, distillation, catalytic and thermal cracking, reforming, polymerization, isomerization.

In the production of crude oil, natural gasoline, petroleum liquefied gases, cracked gasoline, polymerization products, and mixtures used as industrial fuels are obtained. Depending on the amount and type of impurities, the boiling point of gasoline is between 33 and 205 ° C. As additives in the fuel, antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, antidetonators are added.

Key requirements for gasoline mixtures:

  • ensuring economical, reliable uninterrupted operation of ICE;
  • good volatility, homogeneous consistency at any temperature;
  • group, stable hydrocarbon composition, low viscosity;
  • steady, no-dosage combustion in various modes of engine operation;
  • preservation of properties during long-term storage;
  • compliance with environmental safety standards, lack of influence on the elements of the fuel system and storage tanks.
  • Gasoline is the lightest fraction that is obtained in the process of sublimation of oil. The gasoline volatility index affects the degree of its combustion, the duration of warm-up, the reliability of engine start-up, and the wear rate of individual parts of the engine. The fractional composition is regulated by GOST. The main grades of gasoline in accordance with GOST R 51105-97 are: normal-80 (numerical octane index 80), regular fuel-92, premium-95, super-98.

    Classification of gasolines

    Depending on the properties and composition of the mixture is classified for certain reasons (sulfur content level, octane number, t ° boiling intervals):

  • cracked gasoline is a product of additional oil processing, obtained by heating high-boiling fractions. This process, called cracking, allows you to get from oil up to 70 percent of gasoline;
  • gasoline. Obtained during the processing of associated gas, formed during oil refining, which contains marginal hydrocarbons with a total number of atoms from 3 or more. They are used in enterprises of organic synthesis as petrochemical raw materials, as well as for the production of gasoline with pre-determined properties;
  • pyrolysis gasolines. They are produced by the method of thermal decomposition of petroleum molecules (pyrolysis). The total yield of the gasoline mixture is 80-85%.
  • ethylated gasolines. They add tetraethyl lead, which increases the octane number. The mixtures are characterized by a high degree of compression without detonation and the formation of a substantial amount of olefins. Prohibited in a variety of countries.
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