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Kerosene is obtained as a result of distillation or rectification of oil. It is a flammable, oily, clear liquid. The composition of the petroleum product includes sulfuric, nitrogenous and oxygen compounds, naphtha, aromatic, bicyclic, unsaturated hydrocarbons. Depending on the initial parameters established during the distillation process, kerosene is produced with various operational, physical and chemical properties.

Scope of application

Kerosene is used as a jet fuel (or its component), fuel for household lighting, generators, and solvent. Suitable for replacing Arctic and winter diesel fuel, it can be added to summer diesel fuel (up to 20%) in order to reduce the pour point in vehicles equipped with multi-fuel or diesel engines.

Main variety of kerosene

In the sphere of application, the following types of this petroleum product are classified:

  • Technical kerosene - used as a solvent / cleaner for washing machine parts or machinery in the processing, petrochemical industry, is a raw material for the production of aromatic hydrocarbons, propylene, ethylene. It is used for firing products made of ceramics, glass, porcelain. The product is of two brands: KT1 (sulfur content is less than 0.12%, t ° of the flash is 38 ° C), KT2 (sulfur is not more than 1%, t ° is 20 ° C).
  • Aviation kerosene - used to lubricate fuel systems in turbojet, turboprop engines of various aircraft. It simultaneously performs the function of the refrigerant. It has an increased thermo-oxidative ability, stability, a significant combustion temperature, resistance to low temperatures, and has antiwear properties. The following brands of aviation kerosene are available for purchase: TS-1, T-6, T-8B, RT, T-1, T-2.
  • Lighting kerosene - is intended for kalilnyh and kerosene lamps, cutters, impregnation of dressed skins. When burning, it does not form sludge and soot. To improve the chemical-physical properties in the production of this kerosene, hydrotreating is used. Grades KO20, 25,30 are produced.
  • Also there is a rocket fuel, used in combination with liquid oxygen at the lower stages of the launch vehicle. To achieve optimal performance, it is subjected to strong cooling.

    Basic properties

    The most important characteristics of oil products sold are:

  • high anti-wear properties;
  • the ability to dissolve organic compounds;
  • rapid volatility, stability of the composition;
  • high combustion temperature (ignition at t heating up to 300 ° C);
  • resistance to thermal oxidation, optimum lubricity.
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