Sales of Mazut

Deliveries of high-quality petroleum products - one of the main activities of the Oil Resources. The company sells fuel oil - fuel for vehicles equipped with special power plants, boilers and process units. For sale there are two grades of fuel oil M 40 and M 100 that meet the requirements of GOST 10585-2013. The offered oil products exceed the normative values in many respects:

  • Ash content is not more than 0.044% with an allowable 0.05%.
  • The mass content of water is less than 0.1% with a standard content of about 1.0%.
  • Flash point 132 ° C against 110 ° C according to GOST 4333.
  • Viscosity is not more than 6.6 with 6.8 allowed..
  • Fuel oil provides a specific heat of combustion at the level of 41,130 kJ / kg when recalculating to dry fuel. Its use makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of heating buildings and structures, as well as reduce production costs when applied in technological processes.

    Sale of fuel oil wholesale

    The group of companies Oil Resources realizes this kind of dark oil products to legal entities and individuals on favorable terms. Wholesale fuel oil is carried out on a one-off request from customers, or the supply of customers on an ongoing basis under the concluded contracts. Terms and volumes of deliveries are coordinated in the process of preliminary negotiations.

    Our company sells fuel oil directly from the manufacturer, which excludes intermediary structures from our schemes and allows keeping the cost of fuel oil at a low level. We propose to buy advantageous fuel oil fuel oil, the price of which is significantly lower than the average market price. To receive detailed information about the terms of cooperation, you can use the feedback form on the website or contact phone number in Moscow.

    Oil Resources

    The Oil Resources is one of the largest trading company, reliable and proven supplier of fuel and lubricants in the Azerbaijan market and abroad. We offer an expanded list of services for the extraction, processing, delivery, transshipment of oil products

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