Sales of Natural Gas

Being a Self-Regulatory Organization, the Oil Resources brings the schematic development of its natural gas activities to bring the growing need and the globalization of the natural gas.

The survey reveals that in the year 2040, the European people will mainly consume the energy being produced from natural gas and biomass, while the brown coal will be nearly discarded. As per the energy plan being revealed by the Ministry or Industry and Trade, the natural gas is already being used as the major form of energy in Europe for household consumption and heating.

This is the reason, we at Oil Resources are developing a trading department in the natural gas wholesale market to bring a strong customer base utilities along with large industrial consumers. Our major trading areas include different kinds of trading hubs like NCG, Gaspool, NBP, PSV, CEGH, Gasco, GTF, MS-ATR, PEG, ZTP, etc.

With increase in the demand of the natural gas, our trading department is also growing and we are now specializing in trading on the various VTP’s gas around Europe and constantly looking for more sources. We are also focusing on the physical supply sources and services to render the energy resource to our trading customers with the growing volume of available shale gas.

The involvement of Oil Resources is in all the major energy commodity markets including gas, oil, power and coal. This involvement is quite significant, as the market has now become more interrelated. We are physically present for different traders to bring support with a range of individually tailored cross-commodity transactions, trade finance products and risk management services.

Oil Resources

The Oil Resources is one of the largest trading company, reliable and proven supplier of fuel and lubricants in the Azerbaijan market and abroad. We offer an expanded list of services for the extraction, processing, delivery, transshipment of oil products

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